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RSVP, the collaborative payment service, is offering entrants a chance to raise funding & receive mentoring for their projects by launching COLLABO, a social development initiative.

The COLLABO initiative aims to give an initial 1 million naira donation within the next two months to a maximum of 10 winners in the following categories – invention, social activism, art and commerce – as well as access to a team of leaders, creatives and professionals from different backgrounds.

The qualification process simply requires that an individual (or individuals) start a good cause project on RSVP and tag that cause “#collabo”. The RSVP site is equipped with guides and tools for building a project page on the platform.

Good cause projects fall into these categories – invention, social activism, art and commerce. Any cause that falls outside these will be rejected. Once a project (called a crowd account on RSVP) is published, over the next 1- 2 month period, entrants are expected use the RSVP website to raise money from the public.

Projects tagged #collabo are monitored and eventually those selected will be presented to the Faculty.
The Faculty comprises a multi-disciplinary team of leaders, creatives and professionals from different backgrounds. These men and women preside over 5 core sectors: society & environment, entrepreneurship, written, audio & visual art, inventions and technology.

The company’s Founder and Chief Venture Architect, Mr Femi Ogunkolade, said: “RSVP’s donation to COLLABO and the Faculty’s services to this initiative represent an investment in the future of our society, a future that can only be as bright as the ideas we have today. It is our hope that jointly these efforts will have an overall positive impact where it matters. COLLABO seeks to identify a new wave of exceptional people to fan the flames of invention, social activism, art and commerce.”

For more information, visit the COLLABO site.

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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