Fingers crossed. Two awards, with prize money that’s nothing to scoff at, a strategic move by a telco group of companies and other corporate shenanigans. Here’s what you may have missed today.

She Leads Africa using People’s Choice nominations for its 2015 Entrepreneur Showcase
This is a first. She Leads Africa hands over voting duties to the public tasking them with deciding the top finalists for their 2015 Entrepreneur Showcase through the People’s Choice Award. Duh, it’s called People’s Choice for a reason.

South Africa’s 702/Capetalk is taking nominations for its Small Business Awards

Sage One, the accounting and payroll services prodiver partners with South African Radio  station 702, to sponsor this year’s award competition for small businesses in South Africa.

Huge Group is planning acquisitions in the USD 100 million range. That’s a lot of money.

It’s for consolidation, says the telco. Okay. It’s still a lot of money.

Impact Hub is opening in Rwanda, Ghana, Mali and Sudan
The Vienna-based business incubator is looking to spread its tentacles even further. A branch in Rwanda next month will be followed by branches in Ghana, Mali and Sudan.

Is Supermart transitioning to B2B with its wholesale store? We do some digging

Some investigation into what exactly is doing with its new wholesale store. They still got their eyes on the prize. And it’s not really B2B.

Powertel puts the naysayers to rest. “We’re not broke”

Responding to allegations that they are having financial problems, the internet access provider refutes the Auditor General’s claims.


We review the long expected king of the PC, Windows 10. Nuff said.


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