Today, only today, we told you how to sign up for Netflix (for those who didn’t know) and we talked about 12 frequently asked questions about Netflix. We also discussed what Netflix’s entry into Kenya could mean for DSTV.

So what other topics did we look at today?

How To Sign Up For Netflix

Do not scoff. Not everyone knows how to do it.

12 Frequently Asked Questions About Netflix

We decided to make a list of questions you’ll most likely have about using Netflix in Nigeria and other African countries. So, here goes.

What Does Netflix’s Entry Into The Kenyan Market Mean For DStv?

It’s not quite the battle of decoders vs. streaming, but the fight for Kenya’s Pay TV market just got a lot more interesting thanks to Netflix.

BRCK Closes US$ 3 Million Funding Round

The funding is expected to advance BRCK’s operations and expand the company’s reach.

Announcing The Fifth Kenyan Blog Awards, 2016

The awards are an initiative of the Bloggers’ Association of Kenya (BAKE) to recognize creativity, content and character in the Kenyan blogosphere. The 2016 edition will be the fifth of the annual series.

Got Extra Space In Your Luggage? Shypmate Wants You To Make Money With It

Ever had to be the “transporter” for a family member or friend who has bought things from an international store? You’ll agree it’s not easy. But Shypmate wants to make it worth your while.

Those Crazy Uber Lagos Charges Are Not Uber’s Fault

Uber is an international entity, and their merchant accounts are not based locally, in every country from which they operate. In cases like this, banks typically add an international transaction fee for each purchase using locally denominated debit cards.

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