Lagos-based tech startup incubator, Co-Creation Hub, has launched a new education technology initiative called re:learn. Re:learn is an initiative that will be focused on leading research projects to identify ways technology can be adopted smartly in schools in Nigeria.

CcHUB’s Edtech unit started in 2012, and it has run a number of in and out-of-school programs ranging from after-school clubs to weekend and holiday programs. CcHUB says re:learn will serve as the new umbrella for all those education initiatives.

Re:learn is built to bridge the local and international education gap by enhancing learning experience in schools through a combination of projects targeted at research and learning, CcHub said in a statement. It added that re:learn will provide support to the tech-community by supporting EdTech startups.

CcHUB is also expanding the initiative out of Lagos. In the coming months, a re:learn centre will be opened in Abuja and it will “expand the Hub’s work in the area of education to the Northern and Eastern parts of the country.” In the same vein, it mentioned that its Summer of Code program for 5-18 year-olds during school long holiday periods will spread to four more states in Nigeria.

In the past year, in addition to its incubation programme, CcHUB has participated more visibly in teaching kids the basics of coding. Back in December, the hub participated in the Computer Science Education Week by hosting the Hour of Code for kids aged 5-18. Then in November 2015, it hosted 50 high schoolers during the World Computer Literacy Day.

Photo Credit: CcHUB

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