9 developers have emerged from Andela’s 2-week bootcamp as the first inductees into its inaugural fellowship program in Kenya.

The fellowship is a 4-year program which kicks off with a six month initial training, prior to attachment to leading technology companies around the globe.

Speaking to TechMoran, Evan Green-Lowe, Director of International Expansion Andela said, “Applicants had to complete logical reasoning tests, personality profiles, short essay answer questions on their passion for technology and related topics, and finally participated in a free 2-week long technical bootcamp where we evaluated their ability for self-learning programming.”

Andela which is targeting to empower over 100,000 developers in Africa launched first in Nigeria where it just concluded its 10th Boot camp session.

Andela’s uniqueness in Kenya stems from being the only paid software developer training program where applicants receive at least 1000 hours of hands-on training in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web and mobile software development skills before being attached to leading technology companies around the globe. Evan said that though the program in the two countries is very similar, it has subtle variations to address region-specific needs and also to give Andela a chance to learn from the two different environments.

Andela’s mission is to train 100,000 young people across Africa and is working with the likes of Microsoft, Udacity and Exec Online to help place its students into jobs and internships.

Photo Credit: maskedcard via Compfight cc

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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