GO1, a startup that helps organizations train their employees is launching its service in Nigeria.

The process of onboarding and training employees can be a pain, particularly for employees. The way it’s currently being done could be mistaken as a punishment and not a reward for joining/staying faithful to the company, yearly. Employees dread such trainings because of the rote learning and general boredom.

GO1’s goal is simple.

Take that process and make it easier, interesting, and ultimately more effective. Using the GO1 software, companies can quickly get their employees started with the growing library of training courses designed by other organizations from around the world or, if they prefer, build a custom course specifically for their staff.

GO1’s focus while in Nigeria will include deploying the GO1 training software, partnering with local training organizations to provide locally relevant content and deploying a dedicated local team to listen to and attend to customer’s needs.

GO1 is a ycombinator funded startup. According to the website, the company already has 150,000 users spread across nearly a hundred companies.

The service should go live some time this August in Nigeria.

Photo Credit: eltpics via Compfight cc

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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