You stopped by just in time. After consulting my magic 8-ball, I found out the best way to spend my afternoon is by curating the news around Africa for you. So, what’s going on in Africa?

You can now write your name, the right way, with accents, intonations and all

The yorubaname team have released a yoruba keyboard language pack. Finally, Shola can now be Sola, with the subdots.

Attention all coders. Code week is here

If you didn’t hear about this, you may have your coding badges stripped. SAP, hosts 17 African countries including  Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa in the Africa Code Week.

MallforAfrica journeys to Kenya

So why change your name? I don’t know. All I know is they started in Nigeria and now, they’re in Kenya. And Kenya was not going to commit without a change of name. Yeah, marriage can be tough. Compromise and all that.

The Guardian Newspaper HotelNowNow Widget. That’s a real thing apparently

HotelNowNow got into an agreement with the daily newspaper to have its widget hosted on its website. So, after reading the news about Nigeria, both good and bad, mostly good, you can quickly book a  room. And go celebrate Nigeria’s good fortune. If you can find fuel.

Awamo is from Germany. And is coming to Africa.

Awamo solves financial management problems. And it seems we have lots of it in Africa because the company headed straight here with a big bag of cash in tow.

And it’s a wrap.

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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