DHL, the leading global brand in Logistics, is introducing pocket sized, android based, touch screen computers into the sub-saharan market to improve its supply chain logistics and enhance customer satisfaction.

The new computers will come infused with GPS navigation and location trackers to help provide real time information on shipments, as well as proof of deliveries and billings.

DHL’s vice President for operations said “The new technology increases the speed at which we can process shipments at both customer locations and DHL facilities and also empowers our frontline employees with access to real-time shipment information which will assist them with workload management. Unlike consumer-grade counterparts, these devices have integrated data-capture capabilities, and are also built to endure the wear and tear of industrial environments.”

This should increase DHL’s efficiency and result in improved customer satisfaction. DHL has deployed 400 units of the computers (TC55) to their four biggest markets in the region – South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and Mauritius. Twenty other countries will be added to the list soon

Lanre Odesomi Author

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