Pan-African wholesale carrier, Liquid Telecom, has announced Hai, its new ISP retail brand for Africa that will offer internet access to households and SMEs.

According to the company, Hai will bundle a video-on-demand service and its flagship 100mbps fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) Fibroniks service that will provide uncapped data. One that the company says is the fastest broadband service ever in Africa.

Other ISP services under Hai include Crashplan for Africa, a cloud storage and recovery service, public hotspots, and an interactive education service that is yet to be named.

Hai, ( which means “I am alive” in Swahili), was launched in Zambia last week and like soon extend to other parts of Africa with the company’s footprint; South Africa, Bostwana, Zimbamwe, Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya.

Liquid Telecom CEO, Nic Rudnick said the retail market has become a focus for the company and have acquired a number of retail brands as part of its geographic expansion.

In February, Liquid Telecoms got $150 million in funding through a loan facilitated by Standard Chartered Bank and extra investment provided for by unnamed global investment banks. A cash injection it said it would use to pursue its expansion across Africa.

Photo Credit: Mark Kaletka via Compfight cc

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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