It was a wet Monday evening and not a single blog post was left in sight. Luckily, the roundup showed and saved the day!

Can you hear the sound of Xiaomi, heading to Africa

It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that but eventually, Xiaomi shows Africa some love. The two will be united come September. Talk about a long distance relationship.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Conference. Don’t you just love that name?

A bunch of smart people e.g. Marek Zmyslowski and Seun Onigbinde, are going to gather in a room and go at it. Who are they going to be talking to? Undergrads. Yup. Let’s hope the kids don’t start tuning off halfway through. You know how kids get.

The M.E.N. from A.C.E. are heading to Radar for an A.M.A.

It’s going to be on a day after wednesday but before friday. Can you guess which day it is?

Irembo goes live in Rwanda

I really wish that’s the name of an indigenous dance. But it’s not. It’s the name of a portal where indigenous Rwandans can pay their indigenous government their indigenous dues.

PaySpace rocks. Like Leader of the Year rocks

PaySpace won the Frost & Sullivan 2015 South African Product Leadership of the Year Award for Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. Mouthful!


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