Every year, thousands of graduates head over to the orientation camps in Nigeria for the beginning of the  NYSC program. This is usually after stumbling through the registration process. TechCabal, out of the kindness of our tech fueled hearts, help candidates make sense of the whole thing. There was also announcement of a web summit, looks and feels different and some other goodies.

This year’s National Enterprise Summit is going to happen online

NES2015 tagged EARTH is in 2 days, is on the world wide web and is going to be a thousand strong in attendance. takes the drapes off their new website

And a lot has changed. For one, it’s now a controlled marketplace. What else? Click.


Twitter ads in 200 countries. Good news, bad news.

You can now buy ads directly from Twitter. But where does that leave the middlemen of yesteryears? One editor explores the implications of this new development.

Passionate about farming, 2 US citizens dive into the agrotech startup scene

Say hello to Hello Tractor. Their killer proposition? You don’t have to own a tractor; we can lend you one.

We explain how to register for the still unavoidable NYSC

And we did it in 9 steps! Yes, 9!

Emotu Balogun, one half of the founding team of Traclist speaks to TechCabal

We dive into the numbers Traclist is currently doing, the startup’s challenges, beginning years and a lot more.

Not covered by TechCabal

Seedstars heads over to Ethopia hunting for the best startup [TechMoran]

There can only be one. Who shall it be? We’ll find out on October 8.

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