Intel is looking to send an African developer to the Mobile World Congress 2016. But said developer needs a killer app and has to out-pitch 9 other developers to do win the slot. In other news, MTN just acquired a broadcasting license in Nigeria. So, we can expect the ads to follow.

Filmhouse Cinemas has an app. Hooray for film.

You can now check the times your current favourite movie will be showing, ticket and book tickets.

This just in, MTN TV might soon be a thing

So it has come to our attention that MTN has acquired a pay TV broadcasting license from NBC. For the sum of $154 Million. Okay, so NBC, what’s going to happen to all that money?

Intel is on about another app challenge

Okay, developers, Intel really wants you guys to do what you do, you know, develop things. World class things. This App Challenge in focus is the international AppCircus. If you can impress the judges with your app, you’re going to Barcelona, to the mother of all app challenges.

10 startups have gotten into the New Economy Accelerator

10 startups will be (ahem) be accelerated as the first set of the South African accelerator is a go. Kick off is in October.


Aella Credit – Online lending platform for Nigerians

We dive a startup that is changing the credit and loans landscape in Nigeria, exploring how they are able to keep defaults at a minimum.

Apparently, anyone with a mobile phone can make a pretty buck

Who knew a phone could do so many things? Many money making things…

Bitcoin Startups in Africa

Bitcoin technology is the textbook definition of disruption technology. So how well does the textbook measure against African reality?

9 steps to pwn with your app

If you’re ready to get serious with your dreams of world domination through your app sales, you should read this ASAP.

Who doesn’t want Jara in their money plans?

Jara cards allows users to access bonuses, discounts and special offers from select stores around their area.

The Ghanaian Starter Pack

We help you pack your Ghana bagpack, along with some handy apps. If you’re in the gold coast, you’ll be needing them, sooner or later.

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