Today on TechCabal, a lot of feature stories – A veteran in the  angel investor game, an opinion piece on the new iPad, we dive a bit into religion, Naspers in Nigeria gets analysed to bits and we interview a man whose company is making Nigerian phones.

The WeChat Ideathon is coming, but the deadline for entry is coming even sooner

In 3 days time, all intending participants must be registered.

Berkeley Energy closes its $200 million renewable energy support fund for Africa

If there was ever any doubt, Berkeley has shut up the naysayers. The Africa and Asia-focused energy funds manager has closed its African Renewable Energy Fund (AREF) having met its $200 million funding goal.


Apple iPad; First impressions from Wale Sanusi

Tim Cook did not impress him neither did his new iPad. Jabs left and right at the stylus, the (missing) USB port and the resolution among other things.

How tech is changing how we practice church

Nigeria and religion seems like a match made in (ahem) heaven. And tech seems to have passed through the pearly gates and is now restructuring the architecture.

A map of Naspers investments in Nigeria

Apart from Konga, every other Nasper venture in Nigeria is either middling or dead. Them’s the breaks.

Tomi Davies; Entrepreneur, Investor, Tech expert

We interview Tomi Davies and he talks about investors coming together to form a community, his impending retirement, the changes he;s witnessed in the technology landscape of Africa and so much more.

Ololade Otayemi – Orbra CEO

What started out at the age of 12 has now become a career that incorporates a workflow which crosses 2 continents. Ololade tells us how he started the ICT and phone making firm. In Nigeria.

Not covered on TechCabal

MEST announces Africa Technology Summit  {Disrupt Africa}

The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) announced today it will host its first Africa Technology Summit (ATS) this November (3rd to 5th), with one of the three days of the event to be dedicated to connecting startups with investment opportunities.

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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