Venture funding is not your cue take your feet off the pedal and go buy a red Ferrari or an expensive Bali vacation for you and loved ones. It’s also not your birthright. What else is Venture Capital not? There is a whole post about it, inspired by our conversation around the first day of DEMO Africa and the investor landscape in Africa. What else happened today?

DEMO Africa day two:

After the all-day ABAN Angels investors’ summit and mixer yesterday, DEMO Africa kicked into full gear today.  15 startups are pitching before investors and savvy tech evangelists today. 15 more will pitch tomorrow. Check here for the full Agenda.

Next Bank will host its first Fintech conference in Accra this October

On October 2nd, 2015, Next Bank, a social enterprise focused on streamlining financial services, will host its first FinTech conference in Accra, Ghana. The conference is themed around “designing optimal user experiences for financial products and services.” Register to attend.

5 companies Airtel could partner with to bring higher speed internet to Nigeria

Airtel seems determined to increase their internet access services across Africa. All they need are able partners. One of the partners they’ve closed won’t help them in Nigeria. So how can they get into Africa largest market with their insane internet speed? These original gangsters can help out.

What do you know about BVN?

The Nigerian banking sector tightens loose security threads by introducing the BVN. So we decided to bring you up to date on what the BVN does and doesn’t do.

Silicon Valley startups that should be cloned in Africa right now

So you sorely want to be an entrepreneur but seems you have been shorn of ideas. Normally, slowing down would help, but if think that’s a stretch – I think it is – how about cloning an idea from the tech mecca?  Here are some ready made solutions you can check out for inspiration or, this just between us, customization.

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Totohealth now has a $140,000 funding chest and it is launching in Tanzania soon [TechMoran]

In the last 12 months, Totohealth has raised more than USD $ 140,000 dollars in equity investments and grants from various sources including Spark International, Indigo Trust, Spring Accelerator, mlab and two local investors- a sign to entrepreneurs that the market is taking note of local solutions for local problems and are willing to financial back great social ventures. 

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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