This is what a coffee overdose does to you at work.

So, according to the interwebs, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is done compiling the list of ministerial-nominees that will fill his cabinet and has forwarded it to the Senate for confirmation.

Honestly, we can’t wait to find out who the new Minister of Technology is. Like literally. So, we held a brainstorming session on who we think it could be. Before we started though, we had everyone gulp down nearly a gallon of coffee, just to get things a bit more exciting.

Here’s what our coffee spiked brains came up with:

Omobola Johnson


Yes, there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that that’s happening. But who better to do the job than the person who was already doing it, and quite well if we had something to say about it? She’s gone on to be a Venture Capitalist now and things, but that’s exactly why we need her… okay, this is pointless, and impossible, let’s move on to a more likely candidate.

Mitchell Elegbe


Mitchell Elegbe is the founder and CEO of Interswitch Limited, since 2002. Anyone who can successfully navigate the tech scene in Nigeria while building a multi-million naira, pan-African business fits the bill of Federal minister of Technology. A more realistic option, wouldn’t you agree?

Tomi Davies


Tomi Davies’ ICT background is over 30 years strong and he’s well known in UK, US and Africa. If by a strange turn of events, he gets that nomination, we’re calling it now – Sir, ship every Supa Strikas comic ever printed to our office! In fact, let it be the first thing on your list. Thank you.

Gbenga Sesan

gbenga sesan

With his involvement in Enough is Enough Nigeria Coalition, it’s easy to see him fit comfortably in President Buhari’s “zero tolerance for corruption” regime. I mean, what better excuse do you have for kicking anyone’s butt who even looks at government funds the wrong way? Our kind of guy. He goes on the list.

Funke Opeke


Yes! Totally! …except we’re really happy about what she’s doing with MainOne, and we’d like that to continue uninterrupted, thank you very much.

Jason Njoku


Jason Njoku created the company that created iROKOTv. So, blame him for your mum habitually draining your data subscription while streaming Nollywood movies. He’s never afraid to speak his mind so if he’s selected, expect him to be taking regular visits to the President’s office. Do we really need any other reason?

Marek Zmyslowski (because he’s practically a Nigerian now)


At this point, the suggestions were getting ridiculous but we kept finding “logical” reasons to back them up. Like this one; I’m not mentioning names but someone argued that if IT News Africa Magazine says he was one of the ten most important africans in tech in 2014, who are we to say no? Indeed.

Editi Effiong


Editi found himself on this list just for the coolness of his drones.


P.S. We have absolutely no clue who the person will be, till the list drops. We would ask Tolu Ogunlesi, seeing as he is a trustworthy “sauce”, but his DMs must currently be in such a mess, so we doubt he’d notice us.

The levels don even dey start.

Do you have any other suggestions? Hit the Radar. Remember to load up on coffee first.

Photo Credit: Pete Prodoehl via Compfight cc

Ibukun Taiwo Author

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