Edward Snowden (you’ve heard of him) just signed on to Twitter earlier today and his first tweet is asking a rather important question: 

And why is this question important? Good question. It’s because Edward Snowden is following only one account – The NSA.

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Between 5pm when the first tweet from the verified account went up, the account has grown to 26,400 followers.

Twitter reacts

Reaction to the account has moved from one end of the fan spectrum to another.

There was the one who said Hi

The one that asked if he’s being paid

The rep for those who are very excited to see him

The one with Snowden issues

A warm welcome from celebrity geeks

And the Twitter overlord – Jack Dorsey


His bio is awesome

Fullscreen capture 29092015 175947

And that first tweet is still getting insane RTs

He also has high hopes for men on Mars

And Neil deGrasse is his bestest Twitter friend

More mentions continue to pour in for Snowden’s 40 minute old account. The man obviously gets Twitter than some who have been around since ’08. 

Image: Wired

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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