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Redtown Digital is a Nigerian based startup that creates original media content for startups as well as established brands.

Storytelling is one of the key pillars of messaging when managing and growing a brand, and Redtown Digital’s proposition is simple.

“By using visual storytelling, we create videos that help educate your customers and explain how your products works in the shortest time possible through stories that keep the audience interested.”

The startup officially kicked off January this year with a small team to create digital content to companies, especially Startups and SMEs. In a short time, the Redtown Digital has been able to showcase their skills while working on brands such as Peak, Indomie, Skye Bank and Budgit. The video and animation production company also boasts impressive range, able to deliver not just 360 (3D) videos but also augmented reality content.

The team’s process is quite simple. Once they receive a brief from a client, they develop a script that best explains the client’s product until the client is fully satisfied. Then the real work starts – they draw storyboards, develop characters and record voice overs and render the video. Turn around time is 10days for any of our animation projects. A 60 to 90 second video costs about $1,000 to produce.

“We believe it’s one one thing to make a good product and it’s another to make your audience understand how awesome your product is and we help a startup to do just that. We help Startups make big impact by helping them create amazing visuals that explain their products/service in the most compelling and shortest time possible,” said Head of Strategy and Software at Redtown Digital, Omole Olayinka.

At the moment, the startup is working on a Lagos360 3D video campaign as a kickoff to their 3D video business. You can visit their vimeo page to see some of their explainer videos.

Photo Credit: SebastianKerner via Compfight cc

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