Good food is one of the most important aspects of life. In Nigeria, we don’t compromise on what passes for good food and what doesn’t. Someone said that a Nigerian’s idea of the banquet in heaven involves lots of jollof rice, chicken, fish, swallows and soup.

CriticChef understands how much value Nigerians place on good food and exists to maintain that standard. CriticChef is an online platform for restaurant listing and reviews in Nigeria. It was co-founded by Chioma Okafor and Alice Audu, and was launched on April 24, 2015.

The website provides information about restaurants in Nigeria, their food and customer service quality. CriticChef’s aim is to be the go to website for the Nigerian dining experience. On the website, you can find restaurant addresses, their service features and price ranges.

“We want to create an impeccable standard for customer service in restaurants,” states Chioma, “while promoting Nigerian businesses. We also encourage the Nigerian foodie to share his or her experiences with other users.” This way, when a user looks up a restaurant in Nigeria, they not only get the menu details but they also get other vital information. Users are allowed to post experiences, reviews and ratings about the restaurants they have visited. At the moment CriticChef lists restaurants across Lagos. Users can sort these restaurants based on the type of services they offer. Furthermore, there is a map available on the site to help you find your way to the restaurant.

CriticChef, according to Chioma, is self-funded. Right now, the management team is made up of four individuals: Chioma Okafor who is a co-founder and in charge of content and research, Alice Audu, co-founder and in charge of publicity and marketing. The other members are Arinze Obikili, web developer and social media manager, Emeka Okpukpara, who oversees business development.

You can visit their website to see how it works.

Photo Credit: Scorpions and Centaurs via Compfight cc

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