Yesterday, Microsoft held a live event and showcased its new Windows 10 devices, amidst a couple of exciting announcements.

We’d been fed rumours since August of a possible release of new hardware by Microsoft, and we were all expecting new Lumias and a tablet. No one saw the Surfacebook, coming, which is rare in this age of regular leaks. (I’d argue that those leaks are probably calculated PR moves but I digress).

Here are the announcements that got us most fired up about Microsoft once again:

1. Windows 10, has been installed on over 110 million devices

More than 8 million of those are business PCs. The journey there was also quite impressive – the new OS rolled out in July to rave reviews across the interwebs. By August, 75 million devices were running the OS, just four weeks after its launch, and another 35 million had joined in by yesterday.

Numbers are pretty effective when trying to cause a buzz especially when they’re this impressive. Although, it goes without saying that the fact that Windows 10 was free had a role to play in these numbers.

2. Windows 10 has done major mileage

Since the launch of Windows 10 in July, the Windows Store has received over one billion visits; 650 billion web pages have been viewed in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s new native browser (replacing the aged Internet Explorer); and Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, has answered over a billion questions asked by people using Windows 10 devices.

3. The future is Holo

I’m a game buff and was pleased to see the gaming applications of the Hololens tech. In a live demonstration, the audience got to see what virtual reality gaming will look like in a few months. Hololens tech can “turn every room in your house into a personalised video game level.” The audience got to watch “aliens” invading a user’s room as he tried to fend them off.


4. The Usual Suspects

Microsoft didn’t disappoint with its announcement of two new Lumia phones and a new Surface tablet (again, my PR theory). Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL, 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch phones are the latest additions to the Lumia family with glance screen technology.The Surface 4 is just a Surface 3 with minor upgrades, most significant of which is the custom pen modes for the stylus.

5. The left hook no one saw coming

This right here was the biggest announcement of the event  – the Surface Book, Microsoft’s first laptop. It was clearly intended to be a direct competitor to the Macbook, Microsoft claiming it even runs 50% faster. It comes with a 13-inch detachable screen and looks sleek.

After the event, the general consensus on the web was Microsoft held its most successful event in ages.

And if the harsh world of the internet gives you a pass mark, you must be doing something right.


Ibukun Taiwo Author

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