It’s Monday again. Another day at the grind. Another day at the news mill. History was made today as the world’s biggest deal was signed. And there was much much more – self driving cars, cringe worthy moments, accelerated mobile pages and on and on.


The Biggest Tech Deal In History: Dell Acquires EMC For $67 Billion

To put this deal in perspective; Facebook bought Whatsapp for a whooping – well, not so whooping anymore – $19 billion back in 2014. This blows that out of the water.


Some Of My Most Embarrassing Moments With New Technology

Keeping up with new technology is hard. You want to know what’s even harder? Trying not to look like a total buffoon while using new tech for the first time.

How Will Self-Driving Cars Fare In Nigeria?

I’m pretty sure that, by now, you know that self-driving cars are no longer fiction. This article highlights my thoughts on how this technology will fare in Nigeria.

Google is keeping its lunch money with Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google is fighting a battle on three fronts over the destination of fresh content on the internet and the impact of that on its ad business.

Whatever happened to Google Glass? Should we keep waiting?

Google Glass was supposed to be big. It promised so much, yet two years on and we’re still waiting. Why?

Three Bad Habits That Technology Has Made Cool

Once habits kick in, they are hard to get out off. The only other problem is, technology has sort of given these bad habits the cool factor.

Not covered by TechCabal

EcoCash officially launches NFC enabled debit card     {TechZim}

Econet officially unveiled its NFC-enabled EcoCash Express Debit Card at its Econet beyond the Phone Expo. The card comes with no charges and is a MasterCard, which means it can also be used for Tap and Pay transactions outside the country.

Chivas Regal extends $1m The Venture competition to Nigeria    {Disrupt Africa}

Chivas Regal has extended its The Venture competition to Nigeria, offering startups from the country the chance to compete for a share of the US$1 million fund. The Venture looks to support social entrepreneurs, and was already open to startups in Angola and South Africa.


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