Everyone is concerned about diversity, it seems. Facebook rolls up its sleeves, eager to do something about it. Also, details of Nigeria’s Cyber Crime Act, a legal framework which would determine what’s legal and what’s not in the country’s cyberspace, have emerged. My people, things are not well. Read the Wednesday News Roundup.

12 ways Nigeria’s Cyber Crime Act is messed up

The Cybercrime Act will provide a legal framework for detection, prosecution and punishment of cybercrimes in Nigeria, However, the final draft as we have come to discover has numerous gaping holes that could help repress civil liberties.

Facebook Launches TechPrep, In Pursuit of Diversity

Many tech companies have acknowledged the challenge that minorities are underrepresented in the tech community. Facebook recently made a move to tackle the issue and get to the bottom of it, by introducing a website.

MobileMonday and OLX event will cover ecommerce security
MobileMonday and OLX have come together in a partnership to organize an event with the aim of generating ideas to make eCommerce more secure in Nigeria.


Eight Ways to Stay Safe Online

Sure you can do lots of things on the web but, and it’s a big but, you should watch your yourself out there. Here’s how.

PHP isn’t shitty, your mindset is

Someone has gripes with all you PHP-naysayers. And he’s brought you lotsa proof that Php is the best thing since toast bread. Seriously, what can other programming languages do that PHP can’t?

How Nigerian Startups Can Embrace Emotional Intelligence

In any organization, the people are the ship and their emotions serve as the rudder. That’s why Nigerian startups must encourage their people to build their Emotional Intelligence.

Google Now keeps your voice searches! But it can be fixed

We know Google keeps all our searches, – as in text on – but who knew they kept the voice recordings too. Actual voice recordings, people.

Elsewhere on the web

Twitter introduces Twitter Polls, soon rolling out to everyone    {Dignited}

Twitter is on a roll introducing feature after feature with eyes on monetization.

PlayStation 4 gets price drop in South Africa   {ITnewsAfrica}

Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 (500GB console) will receive a price cut in South Africa. According to the company the PlayStation 4, which was originally priced at between R6299 and R5999, will now retail at R5499.

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