Reading up on tech stories (or any kind of stories for that matter) between the regular 9 to 5 could be a hassle. There is a ton of work to take care of. Then there is the temptation to move from one innocent post on “the possibilities of IoT in Africa” to “21 IoT devices you won’t believe already exist”, to “12 ways to track your pets from your smartphone”, and to full-on cyberloafing. That’s risky, especially if you’re always on the clock.

Enter podcasts. You only need to get the earbuds in and get lost in the sound, and you still have your eyeballs free for other things. You can drive and listen to them. Workout and listen. Eat and listen. {insert whatever activity} and listen. It’s why I’m a huge podcast person.

For people interested in podcasts focused on tech in Africa, there are not a lot of those right now, but here are a few you’ll find useful:

ZA TechShow

Hosted by Brett Haggard, the show is one of the first tech-focused podcasts in Africa. It rounds up news from the African technology ecosystem and offers opinions on the week’s stories. The podcast has been on a lull since June though.

ATRU – African Tech Roundup

ATRU is easily my favourite on here. Every week, Andile Masuku and Tefo Mohapi round up the biggest news in African tech and share insights on the biggest tech story from the week. Some episodes, experts are featured to share perspective based on first-hand experience and those are always a joy.

Digital Drift

Digital Drift is hosted by Prowork’s Francis Onwumere, Opeyemi Obembe with Antonia Anni. It’s a ~45-minute podcast where the hosts interview entrepreneurs and other players in the local tech scene.

TC Radio

This is TechCabal’s podcast rounding up the biggest stories from African tech and what TechCabal editors think of the stories. Bankole and I host this, but I feel all kinds of way writing this, because we’ve not released a new episode in a while. A lot has been going on at TC but we should get this back on track soon and continue to share our thoughts on the ecosystem.


CrudCast is only three episodes in (actually 4 when you add the pilot Episode 0), but it’s already commanding quite a following. It’s the free-wheeling conversation with tech experts hosted by Ezra Olubi and Uzo Olisemeka of the Nigerian logistics management startup, Delivery Science. Their latest episode (Episode 3) is on the importance of cashflow and the schematics of an IoT umbrella. https://soundcloud.com/crudcast/episode-3

Here are some more:


Htxt Africa

TechZim Podcast

Mobility Podcast

African Tech Conversations

TechCentral Podcast

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Gbenga Onalaja Author

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