The Nigerian National Communication Commission (NCC) has been monitoring activities of mobile phone users and handing out data to security agencies. But what’s the extent of this monitoring? No idea. What happens to all the data collected? Not stated. Thankfully, the vocal digital rights group, PIN is asking these questions too. What else happened today?

Lagos Angel Network Announced Its First Formal Board Of Directors

The Lagos Angel Network just constituted its first formal Board of Directors having just been incorporated as a Nigerian company limited by guarantee.

#DataPrivacy: PIN Sends Freedom Of Information Request To NCC

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria has sent a Freedom of Information request to the National Communication Commission. The request sought to understand the process and judicial oversight that the NCC undergoes in handing over call data of private citizens to security agencies.

Fictional Weapons Too Dangerous To Exist, But Will Get Made Anyway

There’s always been a direct relationship between technological advancement and the frequency of war. It’s like when we have a new deadly toy, the natural response is to try it out. So, maybe some “toys” should remain in the lab.

The Rise And Rise Of HR Apps

The job of the HR manager has never been an easy one. But with the aid of apps, their workload has been significantly reduced.

Tech-Focused Podcasts In Africa

For people interested in podcasts focused on tech in Africa, there are not a lot of those right now, but here are a few you’ll find useful.

9janimi Channel Wants To Offer Artistes Better Value

9janimi Channel is a music streaming platform that allows artistes keep up to 75 percent of the proceeds from their songs.

Millennials: Are We Are The Worst Generation Ever?

Lazy, entitled, self-absorbed and unruly. These are few of the adjectives by which millennials have been described. Are we really all that?

Are We Due For Another Tech Bubble Burst?

Right now, the tech space is almost in the same situation it was right before the dot com bubble burst in 2000.

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Jobs platform wins Seedstars World Angola competition [Disrupt Africa]

Jobs and learning platform Jobartis emerged the winner of the Angolan leg of the global Seedstars World competition over the weekend, and will now proceed to the global final in Switzerland next year to pitch for up to US$500,000 in funding


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