It’s Monday 2nd, the first working day of November. That was enough reason for Africa to be hitting the grind, hard. TC touches down in Nairobi. It’s today people! Money makes the world go round. And lacking access to it today made Nigerians rage on Twitter, hard. MTN is currently negotiating with NCC over the details of the fine. And much more, in the news roundup.

MTN Fine: “Carrier Hasn’t Agreed To The Fine”

Negotiations are still ongoing between MTN and the Nigerian telecoms regulatory body, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) despite widespread reports that the telecommunication giant had agreed to pay the heavy fine.

This Startup, Softiris Africa, Wants To Be The Business Portal For African Businesses

Softiris Africa created Active360 software, a cloud based payroll and HR management software for corporate organizations. Somewhere down the line, the company created a vertical for educational institutions using the same software.

Would You Buy A Car Programmed To Kill You?

Perhaps we should let the car decide for you?

How To Keep Your Location Hidden When You Share Photos Online

Because we already have enough eye peering into our lives as it is.

Five Apps That Can Help You Take Control Of Your Personal Finances

Here are five apps you can download to your phone to help you create a budget, and then track all your expenses.

Twitter Nigeria Reacts To The BVNpocalypse

Something happened in the real world, and naturally, Twitter reacted.

If Your Bank Account Has Been Struck By The BVNpocalypse, Here’s What To Do

It’s judgement day. Here’s what to do if you’ve been hit by the mighty hammer of the BVN.

What’s In The EULA Agreement No One Bothers To Read?

“It’s too long to read!” That’s exactly what the companies are hoping you say and just click I agree. Stop. You may be signing away more than you bargained for.

Who Is George Boole?

Why, he’s the Father of computer logic.


Bungoma County’s $2M tech hub set for December launch   {TechMoran}

In September, Bungoma County announced it will launch a Ksh 250,000,000 tech innovation hub but not so many took it serious especially after the  controversial Wheelbarrow Scandal caused public outcry across the country. However, not all was lost.

Xiaomi launches devices in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya   {ITNewsAfrica}

MIA Group has revealed that some of Xiaomi’s smartphone products will become available in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya from the middle of November 2015 onwards through a distribution deal that it has signed with Xiaomi.

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