We waited long. We waited so long we started guessing. Finally, we got a new minister. Yabacon valley was also on today’s agenda, as well as more nomophobia, the iPad and cannibals. Just another day at the Cabal, it seems.

Ogbonnaya Onu Announced As New Minister Of Science And Technology

Today, Ogbonnaya Onu was confirmed as the new Minister of Science and Technology.


TechCabal Explains: Yaba I-HQ

Yabacon Valley, Silicon Lagoon – two of the popular names we call the Yaba tech cluster. Then there is another name; Yaba i-HQ. Where did that come from?

How To Curb Your Phone Addiction, For Real This Time

Yes, your phone is an important part of your business/job but that doesn’t mean you should let it run your life. This article shows you how to take back control.

Creating A Culture Of Innovation In Your Startup

Want your startup to stay ahead of the curve? You gotta work that innovative spirit into your staffers.

Here Is A Way To Skip The Long Checkout Line At Shoprite

If you’ve ever balked at the long line at Shoprite’s checkout counters, you’ll find interesting.

Cannibalisation: Bane Of The IPad

The iPad was meant to kill the laptop. How has it fared so far?

ChopUp Has A New Game, Ebola Strikeforce, Coming Out Soon

ChopUp Games is looking to educate and entertain gamers with their new Ebola themed mobile game

How Fake Twitter Followers Are Generated

If you have ever wondered how fake Twitter accounts are created, read this.

Death Of The Geek

Do the geek stereotypes we’ve bought into for so long still apply?


Zimpost enters online payments game, offers ZESA & money transfer services   {TechZim}

With all these solutions popping up, Zimpost, the state owned enterprise that owns and manages all local postal services didn’t want to be left behind and has now introduced its own online payments and e-money platform.

Fawry, Egypt’s e-payment platform, raises US$ 100m to expand across Africa   {TechMoran}

Helios Investment Partners, the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund, the Wellcome Trust and the MENA Long-Term Value Fund have acquired a majority stake in Fawry, Egypt’s electronic bill presentment and payment platform for around EGP 773 million, approx US$ 100 million.

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