Monday again. We talk about unicorns, again. Seems like they’re all the rage these days. Apple’s Beats Music is also no more. And we dig into drone tech, again. Like I said, it’s Monday, again.

Say hello to the magic of IFTT in 6 quick recipes

Automation is the lifehack junie’s wet dream. And when it comes to automating digital activities on social media, IFTT does such a good job, it’s almost magical.

So long Beats, say hello to Apple Music

Hope you haven’t gotten too attached to Apple’s Beats Music, because Apple is pulling its plug. But fret not, you’ll be grafted into the Apple Music program, complete with now obligatory free three month trial period.

Gonna work at a startup? Read this

If you want some of that intensity, flexibility, and possible future celebrity, that startups offer, startups are the way to go. Just , make sure you’re cutout for the daily startup grind.

All about drones, what they’re doing, and what they’ll soon be doing

Because humans don’t have enough bots doing their dirty jobs for them, we’ve enlisted the help of unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, to help as well. From agriculture, to news reporting, these nifty gadgets are getting busy.

Do men factor into the equation when coloring a device?

Do device manufacturers seriously consider product colors when designing for men? Should they? DO men care what their devices look like?

Siri, Cortana, Samantha, GLaDos, and so on, they all sound female. Why?

We know the A.I. is really just machine code, on steroids. But what is informing the decision to make the voice interface of these A.I. program female? Male chauvinistic ignorance? Female objectification? Or our subconscious desire to control women? Is there actual science informing this choice?

The Only Way To Validate Your Startup Idea

There is a rule to starting a startup that most entrepreneurs instinctively get; don’t splurge on the business until you are sure it will at least solve a problem. But how do you figure out this bit?

Who Coined The Term Unicorn?

How did ‘unicorn’ go from being used to describe mythical creatures to being used to describe startups that are valued at $1 billion or more?


Healthcare Search Engine Acquires Dental Booking Site   {TechMoran}

Healthcare comparison site has acquired UK’ dental booking site to introduce frictionless booking of Toothpick’s software to hundreds of clinics listed in South Africa.


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