It’s Tuesday 8th November. Today, BitX announced an investment round from Venturra Capital. iROKOtv began work on curating video content for Francophone Africa and the Social media bill is still raising a fair amount of dust. Check all the tech stories from today.

VOD And Pay TV Services Are Making Pirated Video Content Less Popular In Nigeria

A lesser percentage of Nigerian consumers’ expenses on TV and media entertainment now goes into buying pirated materials as reasonably-priced VOD and pay TV services become available in the country.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari Could Withhold His Assent To The Social Media Bill

He said through an adviser that he will not support any legislation not consistent with the consitution. It’s not the first time the Nigerian Senate under the present administration has attempted to censor a part of the internet – albeit with a shoddily thought-through strategy.

Google Play Music Joins The List Of Music Streaming Services In South Africa

Google has launched its music streaming service, Google Play Music, in South Africa and is letting subscribers have it at a launch price of $3.50.

Coders4Africa Launches Beta Version Of Physical Address App Anwani

The app helps users to create, share and store physical addresses on an online database, simplifying the process of navigation and giving directions.

IROKOtv Begins Work On A Mobile-First VOD Offering In Francophone Africa With Canal +

It’s iROKOtv’s biggest deal to date.

Bitcoin Startup, BitX, Has Raised Additional Funding From Venturra Capital

Venturra Capital joins Naspers Group and Digital Currency Group on BitX’s list of investors.

IsUhuruInKenya.Co.Ke Is Back; the Kenyan website that tells if president Uhuru Kenyatta is in the country, is back in operation after it went offline yesterday.

Dear Parent, You Should Take Your Kids To The 2015 Hour Of Code At CcHUB

This Saturday, CcHUB will be hosting the Hour of Code and it is open to kids aged 5-18 years.

The Fire At NITEL Office Has Been Put Out

The 32nd floor of NECOM House, Marina that houses the NITEL officer caught fire some hours ago. But the fire has been put out now.

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