Facebook and YouTube both posted videos looking back at the events of 2015. Approaches were different of course. While, YouTube’s look back at 2015 is a fast-paced mashups of viral videos, painting the world in cheery sunshiny colours, Facebook’s is a solemn collection of out trials and triumphs. What else happened today?

CcHUB, ON, BoI And VGG Are About To Launch A NGN 1 Billion Social Innovation Fund

Lagos-based incubator and accelerator, CcHub, in partnership with Omidyar Network, Bank of Industry and Venture Garden Group will soon launch a NGN 1 billion social innovation fund.

Facebook’s Internet.Org Announces $150,000 Innovation Challenge For Africa

The goal of the Challenge is to recognize individuals and organizations that are working on internet-based solutions to promote education and economic empowerment in countries throughout Africa.

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited About WordPress 4.4

WordPress 4.4 is out. If you are waiting for intrepid trendsetters to clear the way before you get with the programme, it’s fine. But you should know this release is one to get excited about. Here are four reasons why.

YouTube And Facebook Look Back At 2015 In Videos

Facebook and YouTube both posted videos looking back at the events of 2015. The approaches were different, but they both give viewers an opportunity to look back and relive the past year.

Hey Startup Founder. Here’s How To Hire A Great Social Media Manager

Startups don’t have the luxury of big advertising budgets, so they need to take social media marketing seriously. Here’s what to look out for in a great social media manager.

Nigeria’s Computer Village Dealers Don’t Like Online Stores Very Much

And that’s for good reason – these stores are taking deals away from them.

Yemi Alade Has Launched A Mobile App

She’s the first Nigerian female artiste to do this.

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