Last year, the “My Apocalypse” version of Dying Light was priced at a whooping £250,000. It was named “most expensive ever”, thanks to that insane special edition. For that amount, you got a trip to Poland, your face in the game, and a “real-life, Zombie proof” cabin.

What do you do, after developing such a goldmine? Take a holiday. Buy a house. Something.

But not TechLand, the developers of this game series. Nope. They’ve released another, even more special, special edition, which costs $10,000,000. Yes. Dying Light: The Following – Spotlight edition costs $10,000,000.


So, what do you get for your (not likely to be hard earned) money?

You get professional acting lessons from Roger Craig Smith (Assassin’s Creed), to prepare you for your speaking role in the movie – yes, there’s a film version in the works. You get professional stunt training, and off-road driving classes.

Anything else? Yes. When it premieres, you’ll get 10 VIP tickets, along with an original copy of the film script, and go on a screening tour (flights and hotels included).

Well, you’ll get the game you paid for, obviously, on the platform of your choice – PC, Xbox, or Playstation, signed by the members of the dev team.

$10 million well spent. Someone tell Martin Shkreli.

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