At an event during Social Media Week Lagos, mobile payments service Paga  introduced Payroll, a seamless, end-to-end product targeted towards small and medium enterprises looking to solve their everyday payment problems.

The event was dubbed #SmallIsTheNewBig. The ‘small’ in this case refers to the size of business that Payroll is targeted towards.

Paga was founded in 2009, and is the leading mobile payments service provider in Nigeria. It works in partnership with banks, microfinance institutions and mobile network operators to enable money transfers from one user to another.

Payroll is designed the process of making payments by small businesses, which often struggle to meet their financial obligations.

Payroll can be used to process salary, pension and tax payments quickly, eliminating the need for manual payment processing. The payments can be made into any bank account in Nigeria.

The product is a welcome addition to Nigeria’s financial ecosystem. SMEs will be able to transfer funds to their employees’ bank account on the same day with the service.


The biggest challenges that a company faces are usually financial, and Paga is hoping that its service can help SMEs tackle this.

The service generates reports and payslips for every transaction, meaning that the business can keep track of who the money has been sent to.


Paga Payroll is ideal for small businesses, offering quick and easy solutions with minimal fuss.


Paga Payroll is currently in private beta, with plans to go live soon.

Paga is taking applications for Payroll here.

Eric Mugendi Author

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