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It appears the cloud that arose from the cancellation of Developer Week Nairobi has a silver lining. In its place is Nairobi Tech Week, a similar event that will take place from April 27-30.

The Tech Week has a different host though, with Moringa School taking the mantle. Moringa School is a 16-week bootcamp that teaches aspiring programmers the tools of the trade, turning them into world-class developers.

Moringa School crowd-sourced topics for the event, and the schedule puts a heavy emphasis on

Like Nairobi Developer Week, Nairobi Tech Week aims to bring CTOs, top developers, tech entrepreneurs and influencers in the tech ecosystem to one space to discuss and showcase the forefront of innovation and technology. in the Sub-Saharan African tech industry.

The participants will discuss tech trends in finance, education, agriculture and more, with two days of developer workshops planned for upcoming devs to learn from industry leaders.

Hacker collective AngelHack will run a hackathon during the event, and the Kenyan leg of the Twitter #HelloWorld Tour is on the programme again.

Nairobi Tech Week is hoping to bring attention to the work of CTOs and lead developers behind leading apps and services, who often get overlooked as the products they create go on to power game-changing technologies and innovations that achieve recognition and commercial success.

The Twitter #HelloWorld tour will showcase the team behind the social network’s focus on the developer side of the Twitter Platform, including Fabric for mobile, Gnip for data analysis, and the public Twitter APIs.

AngelHack is the world’s largest and most diverse global hacker community. The hackathon will focus on innovating around smart cities, and it will be their first event in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Hackers will compete for cash prizes and a chance to travel to Silicon Valley for the AngelHack HACKcelerator program.

The event aims to boost the growing tech sector in Kenya and to connect aspiring developers with experienced industry players, all in four days.

Early bird tickets will be released tomorrow.

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