Whats-Next-Music-Creative-Panel-1Nest Nairobi’s next event will be a panel discussion on music, technology and innovation in the entertainment industry.

The #WhatsNext speaker series is a showcase aimed at sparking disruptive ideas and great conversations centered around asking what is next in a particular sector .

On 3o March,  Nest Nairobi will host a panel of successful entrepreneurs, artists, producers and experienced executives in the media industry to share their insights and ideas on what they see ahead in the music industry.

The event will feature three panels with leading Kenyan artists, senior media executives and creatives. The discussions will give a global perspective on latest developments in entertainment technology, while giving a local insight into the challenges in the Kenyan music industry and opportunities for different stakeholders and players the digital space in Africa and abroad.

The panelists include:

Topics to be discussed include distribution and piracy, content and media partnerships, intellectual property and royalties, platforms for upcoming artists, scaling startups, the process of music production, concerts and entertainment experiences, the investment landscape in music, the role of different stakeholders, and the future of music and entertainment industry in Africa.

You can RSVP and get your ticket here.

Eric Mugendi Author

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