Developer Week Nairobi Nairobi was scheduled for April 25 to May 1, but it has since been cancelled. The week-long series of hackathons, keynote speeches targeting upcoming developers will not be held as planned according to an update posted on the event’s website.

The update says that all plans for Developer Week Nairobi have been cancelled, and it gives an email address for any questions related to the event.

It appears that the event has been called off following revelations of fraud carried out by the individual behind the event, Perrin Vidal Clark. Mr. Clark has been involved in numerous fraudulent dealings, including embezzling funds from The Nairobi Developers Association, which runs The Dev School, a training programme for developers.

Mr. Clark also stole money from students who thought they were registering for courses with The Dev School.

The revelations, which have been published by iAfrikan, indicate that Mr. Clark entered into agreements on behalf of The Dev School without the knowledge of the rest of the board, which has left it more than $45,000 in debt.

The Nairobi leg of the #HelloTwitter World Tour, which was scheduled to take place during the Developer Week, has also been removed from the list of planned events on Twitter’s blog.

The event was to include sessions by hacker collective Angelhack and VC fund DraperDarkFlow.

We have reached out to the concerned parties on this matter and will update this post as more information becomes available.

Eric Mugendi Author

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