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If you are in Lagos, we should be going live just around lunch time. You eat lunch, don’t you? That sandwich doesn’t have to be lonely. For thirty minutes, in TechCabal’s second live broadcast, I’ll be asking Olaotan Towry-Coker about Cranium One, the new co-working space he’s opened in the heart of Victoria Island (this is what it looks like).

I have questions. You know, like why does it sound like a neuro-augmentation facility? Is the Pentagon funding this? What kind of specimens are they hoping will use the facility?

I know you have questions too, which is why we’re doing it via, and you will be able to call in. Here’s the link to the broadcast, which you can subscribe to right now so you don’t miss it when it starts. Or you could just keep this tab open to watch directly from here. See you then.

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25th April 2019

eSports is a multiplayer video game played by professional gamers in leagues and tournaments–very much like the UEFA Champions League or Wimbledon–in front of a physical or online audience.

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