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Oh ye rappers, I have moved on to greater things. I will see you in a jiffy. Hehehe. Thank you.

That was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the news, to be honest. Our dearest Aunty Linda has moved on to greater things – she’s decided to expand her business to include other areas asides from blogging.

Linda made the announcement yesterday in a blogpost saying she’s creating 4 new brands – an online TV network (Linda Ikeji TV), an online radio station (Linda Ikeji Radio), a music website (Linda Ikeji Music), and something called “LIS”. All these brands will be under a huge Linda Ikeji Media brand.

While I can’t exactly give Linda props for creativity when it comes to naming her business, I must admit she has taste (or at least her interior decorator does). I mean, have you seen the space she’s built to house these brands? It’s pretty neat. She’s got a TV studio, a dressing/makeup room, and a work space – all that’s left is the personnel and staff.

Linda Ikeji has been somewhat of a sensation since she got that N500 million house in Banana Island and people began to wonder where she got her money from (because it COULDN’T have been just blogging, yeah?). We did a statistical analysis of how she rose to fame and the one thing that stood out was consistency. Linda has been consistently blogging since 2006, and her blog didn’t pick up till late 2011 – that’s almost 6 years of speaking to the desert without giving up.

Her consistency made way for actual paper to be coming in. If you think Linda couldn’t have afforded that house from “just blogging”, think again. A breakdown of how Linda Ikeji makes her millions shows she makes approximately N50 million a month from sponsored posts, custom ads, Google ads, top banners and site takeovers.

Our Linda has big dreams and this is just the beginning. One of her long term goals is to have a cable TV channel, so I guess it’s safe to say Linda Ikeji is on her way to becoming a media mogul.

(What does the S in Linda Ikeji’s “LIS” mean?)

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