Diamond Bank

The Diamond Bank Mobile App with about 1 million users lets you do what every other mobile bank app does. Access your account for various financial transactions. With the app you can pay for flights, buy movie tickets and so on. You can even personalize it with a selfie. Because, who wouldn’t like to see a picture of themselves every time they spend money?

On the Diamond Bank website it says;

“The Diamond mobile App was developed to further enhance ease of banking, reduce cost of Banking both for the Bank and its customers and develop long lasting customer relationships through superior customer experience”

Turns out, they are not joking about developing a relationship.

Clap for yourself person who handles @DiamondBankNG. Very helpful response.

Like a lover, Diamond Bank not only wants your money. They also want to know where you are and how relaxed you are in that place.

A new update requires access to motion & fitness and an always enabled background location.

Diamond Bank Mobile App

See them, monitoring spirit.


Now the question is, why does Diamond Bank want access to your location and fitness?

Two likely answers:

They either want to make sure you’re not cheating on them with those other peng banks like say, GTB and Access.



Diamond Bank, please face your work.

Update: Here’s Diamond Bank explaining their reasons for wanting to know more of you. 

“By accepting the motion and fitness option you will receive regular updates, invites and promo notifications from us. It will also help you locate our ATMs and branches closest to you wherever you are.”

This response still makes no sense but we’ll give them an E for Effort. 


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