FashionMeetsTech Happy Hour happened on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 and it was a great networking opportunity for individuals in the fashion and tech industries. Hosted by SPICE TV and TechCabal, it kicked off with a panel session followed by presentations from five startups working in the intersection between fashion and tech.

Startups were invited to apply with their kickass concepts and these 5 were chosen out of the over 30 that responded. They were chosen by an in-house panel of judges at SPICE TV and the winner was determined by a poll on twitter. Check them out:


1. HauteApp

screenshot 1

Haute (pronounced like “oat”- Trust me, I checked) “helps tailors and fashion designers organise their creative process and manage customer information and measurements”. With the app, established tailors and beginners can document their creative process from measurement taking to the final product. Users can create photo albums for inspiring styles, record customer measurements, their chosen styles and contact information. The app also features a task manager to seamlessly manage tasks relating to each customer. The app hasn’t been released yet but interested designers can sign up for their early access private release.


2. OnceNOut


Once N Out is a socially conscious startup committed to connecting the world to do good through fashion. The startup curates and sells pre-owned designer items at competitive prices. Individuals around the world can put “unloved” pieces in their closet up for sale on the platform. Their USP is the fact that 10% of proceeds from the sales are used to support a disabled child in Nigeria. Once N Out will launch in Lagos on October 24, 2016.


3. MESHWork


Have you ever suffered at the hands of Nigerian tailors where you tell them one thing and get another? MESHWork is an app that wants to solve that problem by allowing you design your own clothes. The company then hand-makes and delivers your design to you. You can pick colours, styles and fabric in the app and can also share your designs with the MESHWork Community or on your social media.


4. Oversabi Stitches


Oversabi Stitches is an online tailoring company offering bespoke tailoring services and an online store that sells ready to wear African pieces. As their representative at FashionMeetsTech, Sabina, pointed out, they don’t design pieces, they just ensure that you get custom made, perfectly fitting pieces fitting your personal taste in fabric and style. The company also offers personalised services like measurement taking at a location of your convenience.


5. Thandos


Thandos is platform empowering African artists and designers making women’s fashion footwear that is comfortable, convenient and affordable. Their first flagship product is a pair of foldable ballet flats. The company aims to impact the communities their designs originated from by sharing profits with the designers. Founded in 2014, Thandos shoes currently ship to Nigeria and North America.

You can read up on all that happened at the FashionMeetsTech Happy Hour here.

Mobisola Atolagbe Author

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