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If you have a Naira debit card, I’ve got bad news for you, son. You’ve 99 problems, and foreign transactions is more than one

That’s right – The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has once again suspended the use of Naira debit cards for international use. This means Nigerians abroad can’t use their cards, and Nigerians at home can’t purchase from foreign sites (seeing as the currency won’t be in Naira).

If you stream on Apple Music, this totally affects you.

And if you think an Apple Music subscription is the only thing that’s affected by this embargo, it’s not. EVERYTHING sold online that’s not in the Nigerian currency is affected. That’s what? Newsletter subscriptions, foreign domains, and stuff from foreign stores like Amazon or Asos.

And what’s Nigerian banks’ answer to this not-quite-slight problem? Get a dollar card.


That’s basically them saying, “Let them eat cake.” Because I don’t know how you’ll be telling me that I can’t buy bread, but cake is available and I should consider that. Did I tell you I like or can afford cake?

I’m a Nigerian in Nigeria who earns in Naira. For me to have a foreign currency card, I have to have a domiciliary account. To put money in that account, I have to find a way to convert my Naira to whatever currency (at whatever stupid exchange rate). We’ve not even talked about card charges and the rest. *sigh* I already have a headache.

We, Nigerians need to come together and lift Nigeria up…then put her in rice. Until then, goodbye Apple Music (and others), we’ll miss you.

Tola Agunbiade Author

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