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BuyChat, the recently launched chat commerce app from, is partnering with Stutern, to launch a new feature called BuyChat Assistant on October 24, 2016.

The new feature will employ assistants who will provide 24-hour support to merchants on the BuyChat app. These interns will work remotely from anywhere in the country, earning money in their spare time.

BuyChat Assistants will improve user experience by recommending items in shops close to them. This way, they’ll be acting as agents of those shops and also help BuyChat users discover great deals in fashion, electronics, home and decor, and grocery shopping.

To make this new project possible, BuyChat is getting help from the guys at Stutern. It’s an internship listing platform that connects talented interns with potential employers, so they obviously have more experience recruiting people.

It’s a double whammy for BuyChat as they’re creating value and jobs at the same time. Also, the partnership between these two companies couldn’t hurt anyone. If you’re interested in being a BuyChat Assistant, you can apply here.

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