Peach Payments

8. Ajo is a new mobile app that lets you discover and recommend your favourite places across Africa

The newly launched app is a location-based social network that lets users find local businesses and interesting places around Africa. Users can leave recommendations and reviews to help others discover places to eat, hotels, tourist attractions and other interesting locations.

Ajo is available for download on iOS and Android.


7. Sign up for 48 hours of game design at Lagos Global Game Jam 2017 from January 20 to January 22

The Lagos Global Game Jam 2017 is happening this weekend and it will be hosted by Center4Tech. It is an opportunity for game developers and animators to collaborate, be creative, share experiences and participate in a 48-hour game development hackathon.

You can sign up here.


6. Register to attend the Startup Grind Lagos fireside chat with Audu Maikori happening on January 28

The January edition of Startup Grind Lagos is happening on January 28 and it will be a fireside chat with Chocolate City Group founder, Audu Maikori. The event will be hosted at Seedspace and participants will get to connect with Audu and learn about starting a business and unleashing creativity despite Nigeria’s economic situation.

You can register for the event and buy your tickets here.


5. DSF Labs will teach fintech startups how to raise $100,000 in funding at iHub Nairobi this Wednesday

Ben Lyon, DFS Lab’s Entrepreneur in Residence, will share opportunities on how participants can raise up to $100,000 and six months of additional support from DFS Lab’s 5-day program. The event will take place at iHub Nairobi on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

Interested fintech startups can apply here.


4. Nigerian online university, Beni American University, has launched its mobile Learning Management System

The new mobile application will allow students access their programs, lecture materials and grades in addition to interacting with the school community and organising their calendar from their mobile phones.

The app is available for download on the Google Play store.


3. South African delivery startup, WumDrop, wants to deliver your package to wherever you are using your phone’s GPS

WumDrop’s new Deliver 2 Me service is a no-address delivery solution that allows users request the pickup and dropoff right to their phone’s ge0-location. Users get to choose the hour they would like their order delivered, at their exact location, regardless of whether or not that location has a street address.

Read all about it here.


 2. Ethiopian online marketplace for IT talent, Gebeya, is launching an on-demand practical IT training platform in Kenya

The startup is essentially expanding into Kenya and providing on-demand IT training to individuals in Kenya as well as matching organisations with qualified IT professionals.

Read more on it here.


1. SA’s Peach Payments has launched Peach PaySafe to allow offline businesses receive payments online

South African fintech startup, Peach Payments recently launched Peach PaySafe, a secure payment option that allows businesses to collect invoice payments. It’s targeted towards offline SMEs and requires no integration with a website or application.

Read all about it here.

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