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Some pretty interesting things you should look at:

+ This is what a few Silicon Valley folks apparently think about tech in Africa. Link

+ Oldie but goldie: If you’re running a startup and your product hasn’t gone through the ‘Jollof Rice Test’, then wyd? Link

+ Throwback: Here’s an article Gbenga did for TechCabal, on the humble beginnings of Printivo.

+ Here’s what Google’s diversity training looks like. Link

+ Imisi 3D is offering an Udacity VR Nanodegree scholarship. If you’re interested, complete this form to apply. Link

+ And yes, this is the coolest thing you’ll see today. Link

The stories

According to Dell’s Women Entrepreneurs Cities (WE Cities) Index, Johannesburg (28th) and Nairobi (33rd) were the only African cities to make the list of the top 50 best cities for support of female entrepreneurs.

Tencent has launched its mobile-first music streaming service, JOOX, in South Africa. Tencent’s CEO says that it’s been number one in all four emerging markets where it has launched, so they will simply be adopting the “emerging markets content” model, which focuses on local music curation.

This blog post by Kenya’s Odipo Dev talks about how they built a robot that categorizes a range of human emotions, from sad, happy, angry, and through neutral, to contemptuous, surprised and disgusted. They made it watch the Kenyan presidential debate using their proprietary technology, to understand how one candidate, Raila Odinga, handled it, and it produced some interesting results. Link

Elsewhere, the installation of the first direct subsea link between Africa and South America has begun in Angola.

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