Different websites come with different appeals, visibility, search functions etc. A perfect website is one built with the customer at heart. They usually have a good visual appeal, light-speed loading abilities, ad-free pages, safe environment, enhanced search functions, secure transaction and a guaranteed payment method as the case may be.
This is a quick review of the ultra-modern and perfectly built website by Africa’s Leading gift card trading company, PATRICIA.
Let me start this review by noting that Patricia actually went all out and made various versions of their platform.
www.mypatricia.co for Non-Nigerian/International Users
www.patricia.com.ng for Nigerian Users
They also introduced this Ultra modern Website with an App available on all Platforms.
The PATRICIA website is the first of its kind in this part of the divide. PATRICIA is the first and most renowned gift card trading company in Africa. The fast-growing e-commerce company is fast attracting users from every nook and cranny of Africa, especially West African states like Nigeria and Ghana.
Trading on the website is as easy as it can be, the landing page is quite beautiful and soft on the eyes, not crowded with too much information and it’s straight to the point. They showcase a list of all their ambassadors to send a message of trust for first time users, generally, the aesthetics of the landing page is unique and one of a kind.
The first simple step is to create an account. A simple step of entering your data, i.e. username, phone number, email address and password. This helps for easy data capture and complaint solving. The process is seamless and secured.
 Next is the user interface where you have your dashboard, Transactions, Wallet, Complaints, Reports, Messages and Rates. Before we further on this, let’s talk about the website fonts. The fonts used on the website is soft and appealing. I think that’s what makes the website even more ultra-modern.
Patricia did a good job with large portions of the website being white and blue with little hints of orange here and there, the reception of the website to the eyes is very friendly as it’s easy to see through every aspect of trading especially if you are a new user. Receptivity is topnotch!
Trading gift cards on the website is fast. The arrangement and pattern are made in a way that a toddler can navigate the site without being told what to do. As a new user, you really don’t have to stress as the methods to trade stares at you in the face. Selling your gift cards and other forms of cryptos like bitcoin and perfect money is just a click away with a perfect step by step process.
Before I end this review, it is worthy of note the developers and managers of the website get thumbs up and as I’ve inquired, it was done by their in house developers.
The website is perfect and it is ads free, has lightening loading abilities, safe environment, enhanced search functions, secure transaction and a guaranteed payment and withdrawal method including Local currency and Bitcoin. Trading your gift card on a website has never been this easy.
Log on to www.mypatricia.co for Non-Nigerian Users
www.patricia.com.ng for Nigerian Users
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14th February 2019

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