Growth has been succinctly defined as the process of developing or of increasing in size, amount, degree, or level. When it comes to business and economy, growth can be described as an increase in the economy of a country or a business organization, especially of the value of goods and services the country or organization produces and/or gives.

We may also look at growth as the progressive DEVELOPMENT, EVOLUTION, INCREASE, and EXPANSION of small business start-up to a giant in the making. A conglomerate the world is not ready for and can’t wait to behold.

Let’s have a little conversation on business growth. Business Growth is a stage where a business reaches the point for expansion and seeks additional options to generate more profit. Business growth is a function of the business lifecycle, industry growth trends, and the owners desire for equity, value creation, wealth creation, employee development and job creation.

Now back to our topic of discussion, business growth and expansion. If there’s a growing company with the ability and capacity of changing the world and flipping the unwritten script, that company is PATRICIA. For those of you who don’t know, PATRICIA is the fastest growing e-commerce company in Africa, with operations in Nigeria and Ghana.

Now here is the BIG NEWS, the burgeoning e-commerce giant has moved to her headquarter (PATRICIAHQ) marking the end of a beginning and a new dawn. The need for this huge move arose as the company experienced exponential growth in trade, averaging over 5,000 daily transactions in its first few years of existence. Thus, the need for more capacity, provide better solutions, recruit more talent and continuous growth.

This is a one of a kind move by PATRICIA, Africa’s first giftcard trading company that services customers in Nigeria and Ghana. These Customers who want to trade giftcards and convert crypto-currencies like Perfect Money and Bitcoins for cash trade in a safe, fast, easy and convenient way at the comfort of their homes. is a platform that thrives on pushing the boundaries of financial innovations by bringing more value to our tables.

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