Lagos, Nigeria: 

Vesicash today announced the launch of Vendors by Vesicash, a new platform that is targeted at owners and users of social commerce. Social commerce; the use of social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, for buying and selling, has garnered wide adoption in Nigeria, especially in the light of the recent global pandemic. 

Vendors by Vesicash is a directory of verified social commerce businesses where users can cross-reference social media handles of merchants they want to transact with, verify the merchant’s reliability and authenticity and thereafter initiate secure escrow transactions and subsequently leave reviews of their experience with such merchants. 

The company, in its mission to ensure that fraudulent online transactions are eliminated and transactional security is ensured across the board, decided to launch Vendors by Vesicash as a solution that allows buyers to verify the legitimacy of the merchants they are transacting with.

“There have been countless cases of unsuspecting shoppers losing their hard-earned money to unreliable and dishonest vendors,” says Tomisin Adeshiyan, Chief Product Officer and a Co-founder at Vesicash. 

“Vendors by Vesicash is here as a transparent portal that holds vendors accountable for their conduct with customers. Reliable and consistent merchants get more business and increased reach, while greatly reducing the opportunities for scammers.”

Features and benefits of Vendors by Vesicash include:

  • A searchable database of Nigerian social commerce merchants.
  • One-stop hub for social commerce information, reviews, and transactions
  • Recommendation of Trusted businesses for enrolment on the platform.

Vendors by Vesicash will be available starting August 2020. For more information on the product, visit

Veaicash is Nigeria’s premier digital escrow payment platform and seeks to eliminate all payment security issues that may arise during online payment and transactions by giving the necessary guarantee an extra layer of security by introducing accountability, transparency, and payment assurance to digital commerce.

Vesicash recently launched Trizact – Which allows users to receive escrow payments via their unique payment link for social commerce, and Instant Escrow which allows users to create and pay into a transactional escrow account within as little as a minute. 

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