Spotify has officially launched in Nigeria. As a former Spotify user in Nigeria who left because of the hassles involved in using the audio streaming platform, here’s why I’m excited and you should be too. 

Goodbye to fake addresses 

Once Spotify comes to Nigeria, you will no longer need a VPN – to trick your laptop or mobile device into thinking it’s in another location – to be able to access the app. The configuration process of VPNs can be a bit technical and this is a turn off for some people. 

Beyond the issue of initially setting up a VPN, anyone who’s used Spotify in Nigeria must have experienced being logged out and needing a VPN to log back in. 

With Spotify coming to Nigeria you can say bye-bye to VPN and hello to regular unhitched network streaming. 

You will also no longer need to fake an address and location in order to register for the Spotify family plan. Your regular Nigerian address will work just fine! Now you can ask people to join your family plan and you don’t need long explainers on how they will have to use the app. 

Goodbye to exchange rate worries

The ever-fluctuating dollar to naira rate can put a strain on anyone’s finances. Currently, Spotify users have to convert the price for their subscription from dollars and also pay with a domiciliary account. 

With the rate at which the naira keeps crashing and the dollar keeps rising, your pocket definitely feels it. Going forward, with the possibility of paying for your subscription in naira, your pocket will thank you. 

Goodbye to being more vulnerable to viruses

Finally, with Spotify being available in Nigeria you won’t have to subject yourself to third party downloads that could make your device vulnerable to viruses. You can download straight from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  

With all these in mind, we (of course, I’m going back to Spotify) can go-ahead to start using Spotify.

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