8 JUNE, 2021


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Would you buy this? 

Pages containing Isaac Newton’s jotted revisions to his masterwork, the “Principia,” are expected to sell for $850,000 and $1.3 million next month. A first edition of the book sold at auction for $3.7 million in 2016.

In today’s edition:

  • Centre Stage
  • South African Mobility startup raises $14.5 million
  • WhatsApp won’t restrict users who don’t agree to its privacy policy
  • Highlights from Apple’s June 2021 WWDC

The best communications managers are empathetic storytellers

In 2014, when Moyosola Kara gained admission to the University of Pretoria, she had her eyes set on being an economist but after a year, she realized it just wasn’t for her. She ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce in Law (BCom Law). 

Today, Moyosola Kara is the director of marketing and communications at Eze Wholesale – a YC-backed startup on a mission to simplify the wholesale electronics trade market. She’s an ambitious straight-shooter who is serious about taking breaks and carving out time to reconnect with herself and the people in her life.

How was she able to figure out her career path?

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do or what kind of career I wanted to pursue. It wasn’t until my time at Elizabeth Arden that I figured out my passion: talking to customers and connecting them to their favourite brands or businesses. When I was in South Africa, Elizabeth Arden was typecast as a beauty brand that catered exclusively to white South African women. Black South African women bought their perfumes, but make-up and skincare? No chance. When Elizabeth Arden was ready to change that image, I became fully immersed in trying to figure out our campaigns and how to speak to this new target audience.”

In this week’s edition of Centre Stage, Koromone talks to Moyosola Kara who has some advice for aspiring and working communications and marketing professionals.


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South African Mobility startup WhereIsMyTransport has raised a $14.5 million

South African mobility startup WhereIsMyTransport has raised a $14.5 million Series A extension round to continue its expansion across emerging markets.

The round was led by Naspers Foundry, Cathay AfricInvest Innovation Fund and Japan’s SBI Investment. This investment comes a year after the company raised a $7.5 million Series A round from investors including Google and Toyota Tsusho. This brings the total raised by the company during its Series A funding to $22 million.

Formed in 2016, WhereIsMyTransport is a big data platform that provides sustainable mobility solutions in emerging markets. It maps formal and informal public transport networks. The company then uses data obtained to improve the public transport experience, making commutes safe and accessible.

Why it matters: Mobility in emerging markets via public transportation is often a hassle – it’s inefficient and time-consuming. The successful expansion of WhereIsMyTransport would reduce friction in the movement of people and goods across Africa and other emerging markets.

Read more: South African mobility startup WhereIsMyTransport raises $14.5million for expansion


Future Africa has invested $3 million in 13 African startups in 2021, doubling its fund deployments for 2020. It’s invested in companies like Termii, Ongair, Lami and Stitch and is on the way to invest $10 million this year.

Read its announcement here.

WhatsApp won’t restrict users

After May 15th users who didn’t accept WhatsApp’s privacy policy were expected to have limited access to Whatsapp features. 

That’s not the case anymore.

What happened?

WhatsApp recently announced

that it will not be limiting access to the features of the app for those who reject the new privacy policy and disagree to let it share its data with Facebook and other third-party companies.

Backstory: The initial deadline was set to February 8, 2021, but after receiving backlash from its global users and dealing with media scrutiny, Facebook decided to extend the deadline to May 15, 2021. 

What’s next: Looks like Whatsapp has had a change of heart. For now, users will get reminded about the new policy if they haven’t accepted it. 


Is your startup changing Kenya for the better?

The development ministry has launched a startup support program with a €100K grant for Kenyan entrepreneurs.

The program aims to empower local Kenyan startups by providing an entrepreneurial support program with a grant of up to €100,000 so we’d like to invite your readers from Kenya to participate.

Interested? Learn more and apply here. Application closes on 15th July 2021


To support fintech startups, DLM Capital Group, in partnership with Africa Fintech Foundry (AFF) and through its digital banking subsidiary, Sofri is calling for submissions into the maiden edition of its fintech pitch contest called “Pegasus Fintech Challenge’’. Nigerian startups and technology innovators are eligible to apply for the challenge. 

Interested participants can apply here. Applications close on 18th June 2021.

Highlights from Apple’s June 2021 WWDC

Yesterday, Apple had its second event in 2021, and it was jam-packed with news and announcements. To the dismay of many, there weren’t any hardware announcements. 

Here are a few announcements:

Share video and music over Facetime

Apple’s new SharePlay feature is all about collaboration. It will let you watch or listen to content with others virtually. It’ll also allow you to share your screen. Apple is also introducing a SharePlay API so that other developers can build apps that support the feature.

Use the same cursor and keyboard to across Macs and Ipads

Apple’s next big Mac operating system release is called Monterey. One big new feature is the ability to use the same mouse and keyboard across your Mac and your iPad. The fact Apple makes both the hardware and software means it can do cool things like this.

Widgets on homescreen, quick notes and better multi-tasking

With the IPad becoming a replacement for laptops, Apple has introduced improvements to multitasking, the ability to better customize your home screen with widgets, access the app library and a quick notes app that works everywhere.

Other features include: digitizing text in your photos, Apple’s wallet will soon let you store your ID in a digital form, Siri can accept many requests while offline, the ability to share health data with your families and with healthcare providers and many others 

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