For any regular Youtube user in Nigeria, the name Fisayo Fosudo very likely rings a bell. Chances are that you have watched one of his videos before buying a gadget. On the eleventh of June, he sat down with Edwin Madu, Senior Editor at TechCabal on an edition of TC Live.

“It all started with a curiosity for technology”, said Fisayo. Along the way, he fell in love with gadgets and became interested in making videos about consumer electronics. Without a lot of money to do this, saving was the best option for him. 160,000 Youtube subscribers later, that interest is now a career.

The building blocks of content creation

According to Fisayo, spotting and solving a problem is the beginning of any content creation journey. But before it gets to the audience, the content must be well researched. To achieve this, he recommends subscribing to sites that break down complex issues.

“I read about 50 to 60 articles weekly to figure out major points and ensure my videos are well researched.”

After conducting enough research on the subject matter, it is important to keep a strong focus on the story being delivered and ensuring the content is answering specific questions. Also,the videos must be easy to watch and the content must be of high quality as it has the capacity to bring in new subscribers.

Focus on creating value, the money will follow

“The monetisation process takes some time but it is important that your content is creating enough value for your audience,” Fisayo said. 

Taking advantage of the attention economy by tailoring your videos to answer your audience’s questions goes a long way in a content creation career. This is because an engaged audience becomes loyal with time. 

Furthermore, brands are particular about conversions when they partner with you for promotions as this has been his experience in his years of being a content creator. Beyond getting income from brand promotion, he explained the workings of the Youtube Partners Program and the important metrics that aid monetisation, like the number of views rather than the subscriber count on the platform. 

Never lose sight of community

Fisayo went on to highlight the importance of turning the audience into a community by giving back to them and ensuring they benefit from the sponsorships that come your way. In return, they will share your content across diverse platforms expanding your reach in the process.

Content creators must have their audience in mind and think beyond immediate monetary gains to have a rewarding career. This is because it may take a long time before the financial returns start to roll in.

Watch the full conversation here

Mobolaji Adebayo Author

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