A couple of years back, gift cards used to be useless. Once you have a gift card you do not need, you could only throw it away. That is no longer the case in recent times. 

There are now a lot of platforms that allow the exchange of gift cards to cash at discounted rates. Such gift cards can then in turn be used to make purchases on designated brand spots or websites.

There have been two gift card exchange platforms that have particularly stood out. They have created a niche and certain clout in the business due to their track record of transparency and accountability. There is a need to commend both Patricia’s Glover and Cardtonic

It could be said that these two platforms have aided the growth of gift card trading in Nigeria. Gift Card sellers in Nigeria have that peace of mind that their cards are secure when commencing a trade on either platform. 

Just like Pepsi and Cocacola, Messi and Ronaldo, or Wizkid and Davido, There is an undying need for humans to rank the better out of a pair. We cannot just sit back and enjoy two things or people prosper in peace. I do not know if this may come across as good news or bad news but I am not going to convince you not to compare. 

Rather, I am here to fuel that mindset in you with this piece. In this article, like the football fans say “Put your trophies on the table.” I would talk about both Glover and Cardtonics Pros and Cons side by side and let you decide which is a better app to sell gift card in Nigeria in 2021. 

Glover App

Patricia has become a common name in Nigeria. It hardly needs any introduction, which is why I included the name before introducing Glover.

Founded in 2018, the Glover app is an exchange platform that majorly deals in buying and selling gift cards. The Glover app was developed with the intention to make a world without any financial limitations for its users.

Previously, all-digital asset exchange was done on Patricia Up until a couple of months ago. Patricia transferred all gift cards operations to Glover. What does this mean? Nothing much has changed quite frankly, just a couple of things you should take note which includes; 

  • You can only trade gift cards on Glover alone not Patricia
  • Your Patricia account number is not valid on Glover, you have to make a new one  
  • Fiat currency is the only accepted method of payment for gift cards on Glover.

  Features of The Glover App

  1. Pay Bills 

It would interest you to know that different utilities and bills can be paid through your Glover App such as; renewal of your Dstv, GOtv, Spectranet, Swift 4G subscription, and more.  

  1. Airtime to Cash

This is a very popular feature on the Glover App, especially among students. Airtime to cash entails you being able to convert the airtime on your phone to actual money. As a student or an individual who finds themself with more credit than expected, This app can help you convert your Airtime to money.

  1. Wallet Feature 

There is an automatic wallet for each Glover user. Other than just a place where your money goes after a successful trade, you can also transfer money from your glover wallet to others and manually store money in your wallet. 

  1. Purchase Airtime and data 

Whenever you are running low on airtime or data, you can use your Glover app to purchase your Glo, Mtn,9mobile, Airtel, etc airtime and data bundles through the app. 

Pros of Glover 

  1. Pay bills 
  2. Airtime to Cash
  3. It has the “Buy” Feature 
  4. Purchase airtime and data

Cons of Glover

  1. Only Fiat Currency is allowed to Purchase Gift Cards 
  2. Average Customer Experience 
  3. Rather Complicated UI/UX

Cardtonic App

Cardtonic is a state-of-the-art gift card exchange platform, which specializes in gift card trading. 

Founded in 2016, Cardtonic has been very promising since its inception. The platform is known to take pride in Customer Satisfaction. The story behind their inception has become quite popular. 

Recently, Cardtonic’s social media presence has been rather exciting. Other than the fact that you are sure to gain something insightful, intuitive, and also laughs from their page, they are also well known for their interaction with their users. They follow suit on their live chat. With a Google Play Review of 4.3 and an IOS review of 4.6. Most of the reviews have commended their customer service. It would not come as a shock that they are customer-oriented. 

Features Of The Cardtonic App

  1. No Withdrawal Limits

You read that correctly. There is no limitation to the amount for withdrawal. You can withdraw as much as you please on the Cardtonic App, as long as your destination bank does not have a maximum deposit cap, you are good to go.

  1. Trade on the Go

Cardtonic made it possible to always have the ability to trade your gift cards. With the web option, even when you are without your mobile phones, you can trade your cards on their website through your Laptop or Desktop.

  1. No Fees

There are no withdrawal fees on Cardtonic. 

  1. Trade History

Available on both Mobile devices and the web platform, this feature enables you to have knowledge of all your transactions on Cardtonic from your very first trade. 

Pros of Cardtonic 

  1. No Withdrawal Fees
  2. Cross-Platform Availability 
  3. Responsive Customer Service. 

Cons of the Cardtonic App

  1. Does not have a “Buy” Feature 
  2. Limited to Gift card trading.


I am sure by now you are very impressed by both of these exchange platforms. Now that all the cards have been laid out on the table. During an argument on this topic, you, your friend, your colleague, or a seat partner on a flight, can always come back to this article and decide who deserves to be crowned as the best in 2021 so far.  

After making your decision, you can download either of the apps from the links below; 


Download CARDTONIC APP On Android and IOS.


Download GLOVER APP On Android and IOS.

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