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Since our founding year in 2013, TechCabal has received emails and private messages from prospective guest writers eager to share their thoughts and expert opinions with our readers. These requests, which we are honoured to receive, show us the gaps in our guest contribution processes. 

We spent time carefully assessing these gaps, and I am pleased to share that we have come up with an improved guest submission guide. 

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about submitting a guest article to TechCabal. I encourage you to read through it carefully and make notes about our expectations regarding writing style, word count, subject matters, and tone/voice. 

Our goal is to open up TechCabal’s newsroom to a diverse range of opinions and articles. Our stories aren’t told in echo chambers and silos. Instead, we want to hear from everyone — industry leaders, experts, specialists, content creators, and anyone passionate about Africa’s technology and business ecosystem. 

How to pitch a guest post to TechCabal

Going forward, we will no longer accept guest pitches via email. Instead, we welcome you to complete this form to submit a draft of your guest post or a detailed pitch. 

A member of our team will read and review your submission. 

Due to the high volume of emails we receive per day, we might not respond to every submission with detailed and constructive feedback.

Therefore, please feel free to submit your post to another publication if you do not hear from us within five to seven business days

What you need to know about word count

TechCabal articles fall between 800 – 1000 words, although we have run shorter and longer pieces in the past. But we are open to guest articles falling between 800 – 1,500 words.

You are welcome to include audio, video, illustrations, and images within your guest post. 

Please note that your in-article designs and illustrations must closely align with our existing design style. We reserve the right to modify or replace a feature image where necessary. 

To get an idea of how we approach design, please visit our Flagships page. 

Things to keep in mind

We thoroughly fact-check our published articles and essays, so you must include sources (hyperlinks and footnotes work) for claims made in your guest submission. 

Our submission form includes a field labelled ‘‘bio”. When filling out your bio, clearly state how your personal or professional background connects to the points and arguments in your submission. 

Please do not treat TechCabal’s guest submission process as an opportunity to ”run” free press. Guest submissions that read like press releases or product white papers will be rejected.

Let’s talk relevant topics and subject matters

TechCabal accepts guest essay submissions that contain coherent arguments and express unique opinions about Africa’s tech and business ecosystem. 

We want to read analytical and well-thought-out essays about technology, innovation, good governance, and business in Africa. So go hard or go home. 

Some of our relevant topics include technology, business, good governance, data and policy, emerging markets, and culture.

Here are some examples of guest submissions that have rocked our boats in the past: 

  • Cheta explores Nigeria’s descent to autocratic leadership following the FG’s decision to ban Twitter’s operations in Nigeria.
  • Kola Aina makes a case for low income earners getting access to micro-investment platforms. 
  • Tolu Segun discusses effective governance and public policy in Kaduna state.
  • Bukunmi and Ikpeme highlight the prospects of human biotechnology in Nigeria using 54gene as a case study.

What makes an excellent guest article 

The writing is sharp, intelligent and conversational. Yes, all at the same time. Don’t waste too much time perfecting flowery language and lengthy introductory paragraphs. Keep your opening paragraph brief and launch right into the meat of things. 

The author maintains an authentic voice and carries their readers along from start to finish. Although our editorial team will carefully comb through accepted guest articles, we expect guest authors to be their own editors. 

Shared opinions and ideas are original and future-minded. This means that your guest article must strike a balance between exposing problems and recommending solutions.

What happens when we say “yes”?

We will edit your article by checking for style, grammar, and tone. Most changes are minimal, but if your guest article requires deep editing, we will send you a note. After we share, we will notify you via email with the article link. 

Please note that we do not expect accepted guest submissions to be published elsewhere unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon. 

What happens when we say “no”?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. TechCabal is the respected publication it is today because high standards were set from the beginning. You are welcome to submit a guest pitch in the future. 

Submit your guest article here

If you have any questions, email 

Koromone Koroye Author

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