All over the world, entrepreneurs are embracing the idea of simplified shopping experiences for customers, with a strategy to improve sales and communicate the benefits of their products. 

This new trend has introduced other strings of customer attractions like giveaways, customer appreciations, and discounts.  This has led consumer-focused businesses to begin adopting giftcards as an alternative means of discount for customers when they purchase a product worth a stipulated amount. 

According to a survey by statistics show that “about 55% of customers are interested in giving giftcards and 67% are interested in receiving a digital Giftcard.” This survey reveals the increasing rise of giftcard adopters and consumers while opening opportunities for an uprise in personalized shopping experiences in Africa. 

With the emergence of a digitally-inspired gifting experience platform like Glover, there’s no hiding the reality of a growing community centered around Giftcard usage.

Glover is a community, driven by the enterprising spirit of young people in Africa to build solutions designed to improve the Giftcard shopping experience and the gifting culture in Nigeria, and the world at large. With a vision to be recognized as the most preferred and trusted Giftcard trading entity in Africa and beyond.

The team behind the magic of Gifting states its mission as “a journey to create noteworthy experiences and increase ‘Word Of Mouth’ for individuals and organizations through our seamless and secure trades.”

Improving Lifestyles using Giftcards, Refill and Airtime2Cash (G.R.A) feature 

“We’ve created an exchange for value to simplify the lifestyle of millennials and Generation Zs as well as organizations.”

Glover introduced her Giftcard feature alongside Refill and Airtime2cash. Glover allows customers to buy and sell existing giftcards from over 20 countries. 

Refill enables users to conveniently pay for utility bills like electricity, cable TV subscriptions, and internet services. 

The Airtime2Cash service enables users to convert excess airtime to cash, or in the case of an emergency, convert some of their airtime into cash for use. 

Our technological approach adopted in creating the framework of our product (design and communication), includes innovative thinking, cultural intelligence, to deliver an integrated experience and indeed be more than just a platform, but an experience for everyone to look forward to exploring. 

Our brand values span our people, in terms of transparency, loyalty to the brand and culture, empathy for each team member, and the passion we adapt in our everyday creation to provide technological solutions using consumer insight to simplify the e-commerce experience for each user in Africa and beyond. 

Our competitive advantage includes best rates, instant payments, seamless trades, and a secure platform for all trades. 
For more information about Glover, visit or contact the Glover support centre at You can also read about Glover on the blog, follow on Instagram and Twitter for interesting updates.

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